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After north of a decade of venturing to the far corners of the planet, what I convey in my pack has changed a ton. The majority of that change is because I now carry a lot of blogging-related gear, but it also shows how much I’ve learned about packing since I started traveling in 2006.

I’ve traveled with carry-ons, big duffel bags with 60L capacity, packs with 30L capacity, and everything in between. I’ve learned different pressing strategies as the years progressed.

I also want to impart that knowledge to you today.

So, what should you bring with you on your travels?

minimal as possible

It’s a cliche that rings true, but it’s also very true. I’ve realized that I don’t need a lot of stuff as I travel more. Currently, I only need one backpack for everything.

When I think I’ll need something, I like to write it down and then divide it in half. “Will I use this enough to justify the weight?” is a question I always ask myself.

The majority of the time, the reply is no.

I only bring the essentials with me, and if I need something I didn’t bring, I buy it while I’m traveling. Medicine, clothing, and an umbrella aren’t hard to come by overseas.

During my trips, I also try to stay in the same climate to avoid having to bring a lot of different clothes. I don’t want to have to carry sweaters all over Thailand! But plans can change, so if that happens, I’ll buy a sweater or a light jacket. I’ll keep it until it becomes a burden, after which I’ll donate it.

Additionally, you can do laundry overseas, so I like to bring enough clothes to last me seven to ten days, wash them, and start over. When you can wash what you already have, you don’t need to bring much.

What should you bring in response to the lengthy question? Here is my recommended packing list, but you should adjust it to your specific requirements.

(Note: This focuses on traveling to a climate other than winter. You’ll need to make adjustments if you’re going to a cold place.)

CLOTHES: 5 short-sleeved T-shirts, 1 long-sleeved T-shirt, 1 pair of jeans (heavy and difficult to dry, but I wear them a lot; khaki is a good alternative) 1 pair of shorts, 7 pairs of underwear, 1 bathing suit, 1 pair of flip-flops, 1 pair of sneakers, and 8 pairs of socks (I always lose my socks, so I take extra! I don’t know where they go.
One pair of dress shoes, which are cumbersome to carry around, but when I visit friends, we usually go to places that aren’t good for sneakers. This depends on where you go. I do this more frequently in Europe and Australia than anywhere else.)

1 dress shirt (for going to a respectable place at night), 1 pair of black dress socks, TOILETRIES, a toothbrush, a tube of toothpaste, a package of dental floss, deodorant, a razor, a small bottle of shampoo, a small bottle of shower gel, and a towel (always bring a towel!).

Band-Aids Hydrocortisone cream Antibacterial cream Eye drops Tylenol Hand sanitizer GEAR Laptop Smartphone Universal power adapter/converter Kindle (if you’re an avid reader who doesn’t want to carry books) Camera (if you want more than just smartphone photos) MISCELLANEOUS A key or combination lock (everyone should have one!).

LifeStraw, a water filter, zip lock bags, a flashlight, and a special recommendation: Buy a lightweight backpack to avoid overpacking. We consciously prefer to fill empty spaces, so if you have a large bag, you are more likely to overpack to save space. You’ll be forced to take only the essentials if you get a smaller backpack—a clever mind trick!

I’ve discovered that this list has everything I need. When you read this, I’m sure a lot of you will think, “But what about X?” or “You don’t need Y.” Well, you like that, and this list likes me. Create a list that is specific to your travels.

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