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Despite my fondness for hostels, a hotel’s opulence has a certain appeal for me: the clean room, the comfortable bed, the desk, the iron, the strong shower, and the bottled soap that is available for borrowing. They are a peaceful, calming escape from the outside world.

However, luxury comes at a cost.

I detest spending money on a room that I will only use for a few hours, and hotels are expensive. I don’t think hotels are a good use of money, which is why I mostly avoid them. I would much prefer staying in lodging, which costs less, has more friendly cooperation, and doesn’t cause you to feel as taken out from the objective you’re remaining at. ( Hotels always make me feel isolated, like a concrete bubble that keeps you from the place you’re going.)

I decided to try to find the best hotel booking website when I was staying in a lot of hotels in 2014

What comes next? Indeed, there wasn’t exactly an incredible end. Depending on location and hotel class, some sites were superior to others, but there was no clear winner.

To find the best hotel booking website for 2018, I decided to conduct a second search. emerged as the clear victor this time. came up with the cheapest places, even though it didn’t have the most places overall. For budget travelers, that’s the most important thing. Agoda was the second-best hotel booking website, with a lot of results but a strong focus on Asia.

In 2021, I drove across the country once more and stayed in a lot of hotels because there aren’t many hostels in the US. Furthermore, what’s the best reserving site now? Google.

But, Matt, if Google is just a search engine, how can it be the best hotel booking site?

Let me explain that!

How to Find Cheap Hotels In One Easy Step, Follow These Instructions to Find the Cheapest Hotel:

Enter your desired location into Google. For instance, “Hotels in New York City.”

That’s all. Google will display the lowest-priced website among all of the major booking platforms. Simply go there and reserve a hotel. It is the best booking site because you don’t have to look at each website individually; instead, you can just go to Google, find the site with the lowest price, and book there. It is very time-saving!

1. Contact the hotel directly:

Locate the hotel, call it, and inquire about matching the offer (most of the time, they will, as it saves them money on commission). If they are a major global brand, the main advantage of direct bookings is that you only earn loyalty points and status when you book directly. Therefore, if you enjoy travel hacking, do not book their rooms elsewhere!

2. Utilize discount rates offered by AAA or AARP:

If you are a member of AARP or AAA, you may be eligible for special rates that are less expensive. Random fact: The AARP is open to anyone. I’m a part of it. They have amazing travel benefits, like discounts on hotels and flights with British Airways. It is well worth joining.

3. Use Mr. Rebates or Rakuten:

Use Mr. Rebates or Rakuten if a major booking site like, Expedia, or has the lowest rate. You can earn up to 4% cashback by using their links. It is a small additional saving that may eventually add up.

4. take a look at HotelTonight :

This inn booking application is ideally suited for last-minute appointments. Hotels can be as much as 50% cheaper if you wait until after 4 p.m. on the day of the event and have a flexible schedule.

5. For hotels in the United States:

SnapTravel is the best option. Deals on hotels are sent to your phone or Facebook account right from SnapTravel. They’ll send you the best deals if you just enter your dates and where you’ll be staying. With them, you can cut the cost of a hotel by up to fifty percent. I’ve saved a lot of money thanks to their unnoticed, helpful service. They are not always included in Google’s results, so it’s best to check directly.

6. Pursue and reliability programs : gives you a free room after 10 appointments and offers individuals 10% off appointments. They were very helpful. Before you make a reservation with them before you join their loyalty programs!

7. Get limited gift vouchers :

You can book significant lodging networks with inn gift vouchers. Use discounted gift cards from a website like to book your hotel. Purchases of gift cards contribute to both status and point earnings.)

8. Buy someone else’s reservation on Roomer:

Hotels put these rooms on Roomer, where they sell them at a discount to make some money back because many people are unable to travel or cancel their reservations. Although I haven’t used this website, I have heard positive things about it.

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