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Even with the best of intentions, it is not always possible for many of us to travel the world or take a few months off from work to pursue adventure. Numerous obstacles can stand in the way.

I often talk about trips around the world and over long distances, but I know that not everyone can or wants to go on those kinds of trips. Traveling the world isn’t difficult for me, but I also know that what I do isn’t for everyone.

Some people just want to spend a few weeks on a cheap vacation. A long journey is not for everyone’s time or interest.

Also, that is completely alright!

So, when you only have a limited amount of time and money, what do you do?

What are some spending plan get-away thoughts that aren’t tied in with venturing to the far corners of the planet?

There are numerous ways to travel and see the world without breaking the bank, even if I won’t find you backpacking through Cambodia for three months or walking the Camino de Santiago!

If you’re short on cash or time, here are eight cheap travel options:

1. Be a Local Tourist:

How frequently do you visit local tourist attractions? Not often, right? I know New Yorkers and Bostonians who have never walked the Freedom Trail, respectively. I once took a Dutch friend on a tour of Amsterdam because she had never seen the local attractions that draw millions of people to the city every year despite growing up there.

All of us have done this. Even though I had lived in Bangkok for 24 years, it took me five years to see the Jim Thompson House, and despite that, I have never been to Bunker Hill in Boston.

Because we live in a city, we believe there is always a tomorrow, so we always put it off until tomorrow.

We forget that we can have a cheap vacation in our city because we get so caught up in our day-to-day lives. We are not required to relocate!

2. Regional travel brings to mind exotic and faraway locations.

It brings to mind all of the places we’ve imagined and seen in movies. As a result, very few people look for adventure in their backyards. My Australian friends always tell me before they go somewhere new, “Mate, you’ve probably seen more of Oz than I have!” However, there are just as many places to go.

I could say the same thing as my Aussie companions. Boston was where I was raised, so I could go to New Hampshire, Maine’s woods, the Berkshires’ bed and breakfasts, and Vermont’s farms from there. The home was four hours away by car from New York.

How frequently did I do that? too infrequently!

An underappreciated and frequently overlooked aspect of travel is exploring one’s region. Driving across the United States made me realize how much our own countries have to offer us and how often we overlook that in favor of a foreign country, even though it is often mentioned in magazines.

3. Visit National Parks:

The great outdoors offers a fantastic opportunity to travel for a low price. After all, camping isn’t very expensive. In the United States, overnight camping fees in national parks start at just USD 15, ranging from $15-40 CAD in Canada, $10-60 AUD in Australia, and $20-30 NZD in New Zealand.

Additionally, public lands in Europe, particularly Scandinavia, offer free camping opportunities.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about spending a lot more money because you go camping with all of your supplies and lodging (such as a tent). The amount you spend on groceries and nothing else can make up your food bill.

National parks are a great place to spend time if you enjoy camping. I don’t like going camping. I’m not the type to camp in a tent; I want latrines, beds, and boiling water. Fortunately, many parks offer cabins. I stayed in a lodge within a national park at the bottom of the Grand Canyon while hiking it. I had a room in a dorm, but I only needed it for a few nights because it was cheap.

Spending a few days in nature is good for your soul as well as your wallet, and there is almost always a park nearby.

Do you want a unique experience? Campspace is a website that charges a small fee for people to camp in their backyard, garden, parked camper, or private land. Similar to Airbnb, but for unusual camping locations.

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